Wednesday, February 16, 2011

PlayStation Brand Tablet Device?

In an exclusive from Engadget, they describe a tablet device with a 9.4 inch capacitive touch-panel display (1280 x 800 resolution) that focuses on Qriocity, a still developing movie and music on demand service from Sony. Codenamed the S1, they claim the device is PlayStation Certified; to be considered a gaming device, in other words. They describe an odd design that isn't physically symmetrical across 2 axises (like an iPad is), but that relegates more components to a bulge on one side, which would give the user something to hold, or a bit of a prop to angle the screen toward the user a bit more when they set it down. They say it contains a front facing camera, a rear facing camera, a Tegra 2 processor, USB port, dedicated volume buttons, an IR port, and a WiFi antennae. Their unnamed source tells them the WiFi only version would be expected to retail for $599, and be out by September (no region given).

It completely makes sense to me for Sony to get into the emerging tablet market, and it makes the decision to make a line of PlayStation phones make more sense to me. Keep the dedicated games devices healthy, but attempt to grab a piece of the success that Apple is getting. The question is if they can grab it, and with something priced higher than Apple's WiFi only version of the iPad. As pricing compared to competition goes, it seems like a repeat of the PSP and PS3. Fortunate for Sony, they established themselves very prominently in the video games business before the PSP or PS3, and consumers expect that device to stay current for 6+ years so the price is easier to swallow. This would be their first tablet device, and I really don't think consumers are expecting a 5+ year life-span for any given tablet. But the market is pretty "premium" at the moment, so perspective customers could be comfortable with it, especially with the Sony or PlayStation branding on it.

Assuming this is true, and Sony goes through with making it, it sounds interesting. What do you guys think? Sound reasonable enough to be true? Does it seem like a good idea for Sony?


  1. ...Why?...since Sony announced that the PS Suite service will let any Android device download and play Playstation content which includes Android-powered tablets and this news comes out.....I just don't understand this at all.

  2. Yeah. As I said, the tablet market is pretty "premium" right now; a group of devices that are expensive and flashy without really having a unique purpose. Many people didn't see a point in the iPad when that was announced, and probably still don't. I don't blame them.

    If Apple can succeed with the iPad, I'm sure that's all the motivation that Sony and other companies need to try making their own.