Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Podcast Roundup Wednesday - 4/20/2011

Hour of Slack and Plus One still seem to be off schedule..... Anyway, enjoy the Hour of Slack and Plus One that would have gone with the Sunday roundup in their place.

Sunday Podcasts
- Hour of Slack #1304: Rerun of #1003: 8X Day and Starwood
SModcast #165: Blast from the past, live from Comic-Con 2010, Etnies brand Clerks sneakers launch

Monday Podcasts
- Hollywood Babble-On #29: Comedian Bill Burr guests (he's on the recent Doug Loves Movies, as well)
- IGN AU Podcast #16: Sucker Punch!, Jem is a big gamer, war games and propaganda, Shadows of the Damned, segmenting a finished game just to have DLC
- Nerdist Podcast #79: Andy Samberg and Chad Hardwick discuss the evolution of comedy in the digital age

Tuesday Podcasts
- Blow Hard #36: Girls can get blue balls, too, and Malcom has something brewing...
Nintendo Voice Chat: Special guest (not a special guest) Fran, Nintendo's next console
- Plus One #18: All about the Shakespearean intricacies of Sons of Anarchy, oh, and a quiz to see if Kevin is an idiot

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Color Code/Podcast Subject:
General Conversational/Comedy
Gaming - Nintendo
Gaming - General

Podcast Roundup - Podcasts Discussing Project Cafe

Depending on how much of the situation you believe, you might find the various views of people that report on gaming and gaming news for a living pretty interesting. Again, depending on how much of the situation you believe, you might be interested to know that IGN is saying they were told about Project Cafe before Game Informer dropped the first bomb, and only chipped in their information because of Game Informer. I'm guessing the situation is much the same for some other sources, and we're not running into a situation with jumpers and bandwagons, and......well, a few details could be made up. But that's the fun part about leaks, I think.

Game Scoop! #202, from IGN - Warning: contains Colin Moriarty
Gamertag Radio #288, from Gamertag Radio
Giant Bombcast, from GiantBomb
GoNintendo Podcast #296, from GoNintendo
Infendo Radio #221, from Infendo
Invisible Walls #155, from GameTrailers (must have a free account to download)
Nintendo Voice Chat, from IGN
Tech Fetish Podcast #88, from IGN
The Game Informer Show #64, from the bomb droppers themselves, GameInformer
The Oddcast, from 1up
TV and Lust Podcast #35, from TV and Lust

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There are likely many, many more podcasts discussing this, but I hit up as many of the big sites as I could think of (and a few smaller favorites) to grab their podcasts on the subject.

Monday, April 18, 2011

3DS Impressions - Three Weeks of Owning a 3DS, Highs and Lows

Today, Monday, marks three full weeks of owning an Aqua Blue 3DS. I believe I've gotten a good feel for most of the components of playing and owning a 3DS. One thing I definitely haven't experienced, as a result of the 3DS games I have, is the experience of playing a game with demanding and rapid button usage, which I've heard from a few people will cause the "sweet spot" to shift out of view frequently. I can see the merit in that, but I'm not ready to dismiss or enforce the idea until I try out some kind of action oriented game.

Three weeks in; do I regret getting Aqua Blue over Cosmic Black? I don't at all, but I have yet to see a wild black 3DS so I'm not 100% on what I'm "missing". As I said in another portion of my impressions, the black all around the top screen doesn't bother me. I'm surprised at how much it doesn't even cross my mind, actually. But something that has been crossing my mind lately, to kick off the lows....

The Lows
Well, it's not -that- bad

It's really only been the past few days that I've been missing the lack of the eShop at launch.

Site Update - Late with Regular Content, Sorry

I know there has been some big news in the way of Project Cafe, the rumored codename of Nintendo's next home console, and I plan on making an opinion piece on that, but there have been some good changes in my work schedule, and I'm shifting my sleeping habits around and thus the rest of my life as well.

There won't be a roundup of the podcasts for this week's Sunday, but I am going to do a round of any podcasts discussing Wii 2/Project Cafe/general Nintendo rumors, which should include a couple non-regulars. Today is also my third week anniversary of owning a 3DS, so you'll see the final part of those impressions up soon.

My sincere thanks to my readers. There aren't many, but you make it worth the effort for me.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Podcast Roundup Wednesday - 4/13/2011

Hmm...the Plus One podcast isn't up again, so I'm wondering if they plan on moving the podcast for a different day. They already have Blow Hard regularly going up on Tuesdays and could use something on Thursdays to fill in when Puck Nuts is in it's off season (it's about the NHL, the Devils in particular). The Nintendo Voice Chat podcast also isn't up, so I'm guessing they're taking a week off, at this point.

Sunday Podcasts
- SModcast #164: Live at Munhall, Pennsylvanian, the new hearing impared signers, remembering Pittsburg

Monday Podcasts
- Nerdist #77: Black Dynamite panel at NerdMelt

Tuesday Podcasts
- Blow Hard #35: Part 2 with Tell 'em Steve Dave's Bryan Johnson, putting Charlie Sheen, Adam Corolla, and Andy Milonakis in their place

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General Conversational/Comedy

RUMOR - Nintendo Pricing the Wii at $150 by May 15th


The title sums it up.
I think some people might take this as a response to 3DS sales, but I think it's just a price drop that they want to be able to be able to throw around during their E3 Conference (a few weeks after May 15th on June 7th to the 9th). Hopefully they have some huge titles they wanna officially confirm are coming to the U.S. and entice some "hardcore" players in with a $150 console. I also don't believe Nintendo is poised to reveal a new home console at E3, which some people might infer from the price drop. My reasons aren't that strong, but I get a general feeling that they think they have enough in the way of Wii software that they could make the Wii successful for a long enough period that it would be a waste to reveal their next home console at this upcoming E3.

If you're not already a Wii owner, would you jump at the $150 price tag, or would you need to see what Nintendo is offering at this year's E3 first? Do you know anyone that this new price might convince?

George Hotz, the Infamous PS3 Hacker Vows to Never Buy Sony Again

George Hotz was involved in a court case against Sony for his work in hacking the PS3, and he is now prevented by law from ever accessing any Sony product in a way that isn't outlined in the terms of service for that product. Apparently there is a boycott of Sony products going on (whether that is just in the community of hackers or not, I do not know) which Hotz is supporting. More than supporting really, as he's encouraging anyone who will listen to never buy anything else from Sony and return any Sony product if possible.

It makes sense for him; if he's ever found to have violated that laws laid down by the court order, he's liable to face a $10,000 fine for each violation. Honestly, I'm really uncomfortable with the whole situation. Not his rooting to boycott Sony, but this basically guarantees that he's going to move onto other systems to do what he does best. I'm not inherently against hacking directly, but it is definitely the catalyst for piracy, which I find very objectionable in the ways that most people take advantage of it. If I might explain that, quite simply I don't object to piracy that involves games or products that aren't (and most likely will not be) directly purchasable in/from your region. I consider having to buy from an importer as an indirect purchase. That said, I've never pirated something currently being sold, and I very rarely play pirated games on a PC emulator.

George Hotz has a blog where you can follow the situation as told by him.
I don't mean to start a heated debate on hacking (or piracy) but if you'd like to discuss it, then throw out a comment in the comments section.

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