Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Podcast Roundup Wednesday - 4/20/2011

Hour of Slack and Plus One still seem to be off schedule..... Anyway, enjoy the Hour of Slack and Plus One that would have gone with the Sunday roundup in their place.

Sunday Podcasts
- Hour of Slack #1304: Rerun of #1003: 8X Day and Starwood
SModcast #165: Blast from the past, live from Comic-Con 2010, Etnies brand Clerks sneakers launch

Monday Podcasts
- Hollywood Babble-On #29: Comedian Bill Burr guests (he's on the recent Doug Loves Movies, as well)
- IGN AU Podcast #16: Sucker Punch!, Jem is a big gamer, war games and propaganda, Shadows of the Damned, segmenting a finished game just to have DLC
- Nerdist Podcast #79: Andy Samberg and Chad Hardwick discuss the evolution of comedy in the digital age

Tuesday Podcasts
- Blow Hard #36: Girls can get blue balls, too, and Malcom has something brewing...
Nintendo Voice Chat: Special guest (not a special guest) Fran, Nintendo's next console
- Plus One #18: All about the Shakespearean intricacies of Sons of Anarchy, oh, and a quiz to see if Kevin is an idiot

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General Conversational/Comedy
Gaming - Nintendo
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  1. Well it looks like Nintendo has confirmed that they are releasing a new console 2012 and it's going to playable at this year's E3. I'm still not jumping in on the rumor hype but these are some crazy times though