Monday, April 18, 2011

Site Update - Late with Regular Content, Sorry

I know there has been some big news in the way of Project Cafe, the rumored codename of Nintendo's next home console, and I plan on making an opinion piece on that, but there have been some good changes in my work schedule, and I'm shifting my sleeping habits around and thus the rest of my life as well.

There won't be a roundup of the podcasts for this week's Sunday, but I am going to do a round of any podcasts discussing Wii 2/Project Cafe/general Nintendo rumors, which should include a couple non-regulars. Today is also my third week anniversary of owning a 3DS, so you'll see the final part of those impressions up soon.

My sincere thanks to my readers. There aren't many, but you make it worth the effort for me.


  1. I have three words to say about this, "Project Cafe....really?" I'm really starting to doubt all of these rumors. I do agree that Nintendo is making a home console but to me, all of these rumors doesn't even make sense for Nintendo. (eg. 6" touch screen that's on the controller?).

    Also I hate that most of the media outlets are reporting these rumors as fact. I wouldn't be suprised if Nintendo doesn't say anything official about their next console.

  2. I definitely would have said the same thing (I did on the site, in fact) about not hearing about Nintendo's next console at E3, but it's a general game of numbers, and too many reputable news outlets are putting their reputations on the line with very similar information for me not to believe that Nintendo did indeed show off something matching all these rumors. Things change, so when Nintendo does show off their next console, it doesn't have to match the information coming out now, but at the moment, I personally believe the rumors and am a little baffled with what I'm hearing. I have a few of my own theories that I'll go into with the piece on Project Cafe.

  3. I don't know dude; I've already rode the N5/Revolution hype before and that has really burned me really bad. Don't get me wrong, I like my Wii, however I just feel that once Nintendo release their "real" next gen console, people will sh*t on Nintendo for not meeting their demands.

    But just to speculate, I want Nintendo make a console that doesn't need the use of a TV monitor. Also, I like to see them go into holographic storage (this would fix their storage issues).

  4. Haha, the whole Project Cafe thing is just overhype now on so many sites. You would think a site with "Coffee" and "Games" in its title would jump all over it...but I don't see the point right now.

    Once Nintendo makes it "official", I'll address it for sure, but in short, if the 2012 release part of the rumors is true, the console better be $200 or less...

  5. @Falco8

    I only caught a tiny portion of the Revolution fakery, so I'm not relating that to this situation. What I am relating to is the correctness of the recent 3DS and NGP situations.

    I don't know, I personally consider overhype when one source is hyping something too much. If everyone is covering something, then I don't consider it hype, over or otherwise. To me, that's just how news goes around. As well, hype is usually associated with absolute positivity, but everyone at the bigger gaming news sites are definitely not all positive about the situation.

    I have no doubt that Nintendo is prepping a console they can produce for at or less than $200, but I'm also nearly as sure that the price will depend on reactions to the initial showing.......for better or worse.

  6. "I don't know, I personally consider overhype when one source is hyping something too much."

    Well, a lot of sites are just repeatedly posting any rumor/speculation now in regards to "Project Cafe"...I prefer the wait and see approach.
    If the rumors are true, great...but then we'll get bombarded by another 20 daily articles talking about the same stuff, that has already been talked about.