Wednesday, April 13, 2011

George Hotz, the Infamous PS3 Hacker Vows to Never Buy Sony Again

George Hotz was involved in a court case against Sony for his work in hacking the PS3, and he is now prevented by law from ever accessing any Sony product in a way that isn't outlined in the terms of service for that product. Apparently there is a boycott of Sony products going on (whether that is just in the community of hackers or not, I do not know) which Hotz is supporting. More than supporting really, as he's encouraging anyone who will listen to never buy anything else from Sony and return any Sony product if possible.

It makes sense for him; if he's ever found to have violated that laws laid down by the court order, he's liable to face a $10,000 fine for each violation. Honestly, I'm really uncomfortable with the whole situation. Not his rooting to boycott Sony, but this basically guarantees that he's going to move onto other systems to do what he does best. I'm not inherently against hacking directly, but it is definitely the catalyst for piracy, which I find very objectionable in the ways that most people take advantage of it. If I might explain that, quite simply I don't object to piracy that involves games or products that aren't (and most likely will not be) directly purchasable in/from your region. I consider having to buy from an importer as an indirect purchase. That said, I've never pirated something currently being sold, and I very rarely play pirated games on a PC emulator.

George Hotz has a blog where you can follow the situation as told by him.
I don't mean to start a heated debate on hacking (or piracy) but if you'd like to discuss it, then throw out a comment in the comments section.

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