Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Podcast Roundup Wednesday - 4/13/2011

Hmm...the Plus One podcast isn't up again, so I'm wondering if they plan on moving the podcast for a different day. They already have Blow Hard regularly going up on Tuesdays and could use something on Thursdays to fill in when Puck Nuts is in it's off season (it's about the NHL, the Devils in particular). The Nintendo Voice Chat podcast also isn't up, so I'm guessing they're taking a week off, at this point.

Sunday Podcasts
- SModcast #164: Live at Munhall, Pennsylvanian, the new hearing impared signers, remembering Pittsburg

Monday Podcasts
- Nerdist #77: Black Dynamite panel at NerdMelt

Tuesday Podcasts
- Blow Hard #35: Part 2 with Tell 'em Steve Dave's Bryan Johnson, putting Charlie Sheen, Adam Corolla, and Andy Milonakis in their place

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Color Code/Podcast Subject:
General Conversational/Comedy

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