Monday, April 4, 2011

Podcast Roundup Sunday - 4/3/2011

Gotta start making a point to get these up before midnight, because it makes it read like it's missing Sunday with that little date banner that blogger adds.

Wednesday Pocasts:
Podcast Unlocked #4: Mass Effect 2 DLC, Deux Ex: Human Revolution

Thursday Podcasts:
Nerdist #74: Chris spots Anthony Micheal Hall, Jonah does some healing, and Matt finally gets his inversion table
Podcast Beyond #181: Layoffs at Sony, Dynasty Warriors 7, and becoming a hamster

Friday Podcasts:
- Game Scoop! #200: A rare live episode; PAX East and audience questions
- IGN AU Pubcast: Japanese Special Edition, tsunami relief, The Wizard, video game quizes, and Final Fantasy
- IGN UK Podcast #79: Post-launch with the 3DS and iPad 2, Wii 2 speculation, Comic-Con update, and Dr. Who
- Invisible Walls #153 (must have a free account to download): New Resident Evil, Need for Speed, and Yakuza, and lame launches
- Doug Loves Movies: Rainn Wilson, Simon Pegg, and James Gunn guest
- Tell 'em Steve Dave #56: Victoria Jackson, Q teaches about preparing for fatherhood, and Bry's new "radio" voice
- Tech Fetish Pocast #86: Glasses free 3D and 3DS, Windows Phone 7, AT&T and T-mobile merger, CTIA expo and WWDC 2011

Saturday Podcasts:
- GoNintendo Podcast #294: Everyone has played the 3DS but Lube, this week's Nintendo news, music quiz, and 3DS
- IGN AU Pubcast #15: Wanted 3DS software, Duke Nukem, Deadly Premonition, and Jen's pregnancy

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Gaming - Nintendo
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Gaming - Microsoft
Gaming - General
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