Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dead or Alive Dimensions (3DS) Officially Dated for May 24th in North America

The next entry in the Dead or Alive series has been dated for May 24th by Tecmo Koei.
Also announced was a run of 34 SpotPass exclusive costumes, so downloaded from the internet, with a run from May 24th to June 26th, and a chance to pick up any you missed from June 28th to June 31st. Sounds like a really fierce move to get people to buy the game as soon as possible.

I've been holding off on getting Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition to see what Dead or Alive Dimensions is bringing. With no extensive experience with either series, I've had a hard time deciding, but the limited time (as of now) costumes might push me toward or away from DoA: Dimensions, depending on how quickly I can determine that I want to pick one up.

Were you looking forward to the game before, or at all now that we've learned that these costumes might be forever unobtainable if you try to pick up the game later?

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