Sunday, April 10, 2011

Podcast Roundup Sunday - 4/10/2011

Turns out the Plus One and Hour of Slack podcasts that usually goes up on Tuesday was just a few days late, so you get two bonus podcasts for this roundup. I gotta say, Plus One has become a favorite of mine in the few weeks I've been listening to it. Kevin and his wife (Jen) have an amazing chemistry, and this week's episode in particular was such a great listen.

Bonus/Late Podcasts:
- Hour of Slack #1303: Rerun of #553, a radio play of Stang going from rich to poor
- Plus One #17: The new name for Jen's Science Corner, diagnosing Kevin with hypomania, and no compassion for the fishies

Wednesday Podcasts:
- Podcast Unlocked #5: A mostly new gang just for this week, Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta discussion

Thursday Podcasts:
- Podcast Beyond #182: Duke Nukem leads to a serious discussion about censorship, what it takes for a game to offend the crew, and ordering 100 tacos from Taco Bell

Friday Podcasts:
- Game Scoop! #201: Battlefield vs. Call of Duty, Minecraft, Patapon 3, and the gang's favorite handhelds
- IGN UK Podcast #80: Battlefield vs. Call of Duty as well, older gaming consoles, a Kapow! Comic-con roundup, and a little something temporarily named "The IGN Fun Chums"
- Invisible Walls #154 (must have a free account to download): SOCOM 4 and the 3DS' brain melting capabilities
- Doug Loves Movies: Ralph Garmen (currently of's Hollywood Babble On*), comedians T.J. Miller and Andy Wood guest, and the movie name game (not the Leonard Maltin game)
- Nerdist #76: Xeni Jardin guests, discussing nerd culture before it was nerd culture, Boing Boing
- Tell 'em Steve Dave #57: Walt and Q spend some time berating Bry, Medieval Times meet up, and Suzan's chicken pox
- Tech Fetish Podcast #87: 3DS sales in Japan, why the NGP might see a delay, Google needs to kick it up a notch with Android, and the Commodore 64 for some reason

Saturday Podcasts:
- GoNintendo Podcast #295: Rebecca Black invades the podcast, Jack Tretton bashing Nintendo and Microsoft again, what the gang's been playing this week, and music quiz

Click on the name of any podcast to listen immediately, or right-click and select "Save As" to download.

Color Code, Podcast Subject:
General Conversational/Comedy
Gaming - Nintendo
Gaming - Sony
Gaming - Microsoft
Gaming - General
Tech Discussion General

* - if you guessed this means I'll be listening to an new podcast this week, you're right. I'll see if it's good so you don't have to.

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