Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Podcast Roundup - Podcasts Discussing Project Cafe

Depending on how much of the situation you believe, you might find the various views of people that report on gaming and gaming news for a living pretty interesting. Again, depending on how much of the situation you believe, you might be interested to know that IGN is saying they were told about Project Cafe before Game Informer dropped the first bomb, and only chipped in their information because of Game Informer. I'm guessing the situation is much the same for some other sources, and we're not running into a situation with jumpers and bandwagons, and......well, a few details could be made up. But that's the fun part about leaks, I think.

Game Scoop! #202, from IGN - Warning: contains Colin Moriarty
Gamertag Radio #288, from Gamertag Radio
Giant Bombcast, from GiantBomb
GoNintendo Podcast #296, from GoNintendo
Infendo Radio #221, from Infendo
Invisible Walls #155, from GameTrailers (must have a free account to download)
Nintendo Voice Chat, from IGN
Tech Fetish Podcast #88, from IGN
The Game Informer Show #64, from the bomb droppers themselves, GameInformer
The Oddcast, from 1up
TV and Lust Podcast #35, from TV and Lust

Right-click the name of the podcast and select "Save as" to download

There are likely many, many more podcasts discussing this, but I hit up as many of the big sites as I could think of (and a few smaller favorites) to grab their podcasts on the subject.

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