Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Title from Developer nnooo, escapeVektor (WiiWare, 3DSWare)

You know, I just made a comment about the developer nnooo sadly not making games anymore and the comment was read on this GoNintendo Podcast, only a few weeks ago. Now here we are and nnooo shows up with a neat looking game.

pOp is still one of my most loved WiiWare games, so I'm really, really glad that nnooo is trying their hand at another game, rather than an "app" like program that they've flooded DSiWare with (how ever useful they might be). As you'll see in the video, it's a bit like Pacman. You move on a track trying to run through all the gates on a level, while avoiding enemies that also move on the track. It's starts to differ very quickly since the basic enemies do not chase you, but instead move along the track in a predetermined way. Passing through some gates will cause a more "ghost"-like interceptor enemy to appear. As you move, you light up the track, and if you light up an entire square cell you gain the use of a detonation, which destroy enemies in a certain radius around your current position. Just like in pOp, you'll get Achievement-like awards for accomplishing various goals while playing the game, such as filling in more than one cell at once.

While the game is subtitled "Chapter 1: C.P.U.", it contains 30 levels played with the Wii remote held sideways..... This could mean more chapters with the same kind of gameplay, but it seems like they're going for something very Bit.Trip styled so each chapter could have different gameplay.

Read all about it on nnooo's website.

What do you guys think? Maybe pOp didn't seem like fun to you, but how about this one?

Source for 3DSWare version here

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