Monday, February 14, 2011

Podcast Review - GoNintendo Podcast Ep. 287

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This week's topics:
The Slakoth podcast
Mom Brain hates sloths
The Vermont Teddy Beat ad on the GoNintendo right now is kinda misleading.
Thanks for using the GoNintendo Twitter feed
No thanks to Pat Sajak for quitting Twitter

This week's news:
Monday Nintendo down loadable content
Nintendo Week
Some kind of animals are fighting in the background.....
IGN 3DS news: custom soundtracks possible, play coin details, messaging?
Two Iwata Asks for the week: Game & Watch, and Level 5
Early 2011 Wii/DS lineup in Europe
Activision drops Hero brand music games
Cave Story 3DS
IGN says 3DS VC day 1, but we know this was latter removed now
Mom B has a discussion about used games with her students
Netflix disc will stop working on Wii very soon
European downloadable content

What did the crew play this week:
JTS - Civ, Pokemon
Kirby - Dead Space 2 (does he like it better than the first?)
Mom B - beat Fragile Dreams
Nicky Hill - Sudoku, OddWorld: Abe's Odyssey, Lost in Shadow, GoldenEye 007 (Wii), iPad Dead Space
RMC - You Don't Know Jack (2011), League of Evil (App Store)

Sweet Releases
Terrible one-liners as Arnold Swarchenegger
What do you see in Shigeru Miyamoto's head?
Crusty imitations
How is Nintenho?
Nicky Hill is a giant wiener, part II
Is Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword putting too much focus on combat?
"Things that make us happy" thread; a reading
Music Quiz

Honestly, I didn't think the crew was "on" this week. This week's news in Nintendo wasn't that great, really, and the Questiums section was really lacking in steady conversation. I didn't think the submitted music for this week's Music Quiz had very many enjoyable tunes. This weeks Pokemon reading, and Kirby and Mom Brain's sections of What Did You Play This Week were the best parts of the whole podcast, for me.

A rare flop of a GoNintendo Podcast.

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