Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Menu Review - BK Stuffed Steakhouse

One of the items I wanted to try since I saw the commercial for it, but the opportunity never quite presented itself. I wanted to grab one one night, but it was just a few minutes after closing for the local Burger King, so I decided to swing by the Taco Bell to check out the advertised "Quad Steak" Burrito. Well, turns out it's a small selection of items that already have steak in them, but now you can get twice the steak or four-times the steak for them. Not worth writing about, to me.

Where can you get it? Burger King (participating locations)
How much? $3.99 (most locations)
What's in it? A flame-broiled beef-patty, stuffed with chunks of cheddar cheese and pieces of jalapeño peppers. Topped with 2 slices of tamato, a handful of shredded lettuce, and a squeeze of spicy pablano sauce, all between a corn dusted bun. 600 calories.
How is it? Really tasty. The patty is quite substantial, at about 5/8ths inches thick and maybe 4 inches in diameter. I don't eat at Burger King that often to know what to expect, but the beef patty wasn't greasy, and really nicely juicy, which isn't something I expect out of a patty that size. The burger wasn't really hot upon my arrival home with it, but a few minutes in the oven toasted up the buns and got everything to a lovely temperature. The pablano sauce is remarkably similar in taste to Taco Bell's own volcano sauce, but not at all as spicy. Overall the burger has a really favorable spiciness level for me; not disappointingly mild, or runny-nose hot, but a nice, slow starting, lasting smolder. I was a bit concerned that there wasn't an additional slice of cheese on the burger, but through the chunks of cheddar, there is a nice amount of cheese in each bite.

Recommendation: Since this one is noticeably spicier than last item I reviewed, I'll have to say that those that don't enjoy spicy food might do well to avoid it. I was surprised at how full I got off of the one burger, though there was an intangible unpleasantness as I got down to the last third or so of the burger..... In my mind, it's still a really great option for a spicy burger, and I give it a high recommendation.

Look forward (or maybe not) to a bowel update for this item. Going down it doesn't seem like there will be anything particularly upsetting about the item, but we'll see.

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