Saturday, February 12, 2011

Podcast Review - Tell 'em Steve Dave # 50: Just Move It A Little!

I've been wanting to promote this podcast for awhile, but I only recently started listening to it myself, so it's not mentally ingrained when it drops (Fridays). Last episode (49), in my opinion, would have been a bad episode to drop a new listener into, though I would definitely recommend going back to it once you hear a few more episodes. 

Hear the podcast here (adult language, adult subjects)
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This week's topics:
Red State ad (brought to you by Kevin Smith)
Adam & Eve Ad (brought to you by Bryan and Susan)
Susan pictures, but really this time
TESD logo design contest
Show starts 6:34
The gang couldn't watch Red State this week
Waking up kids with air-horns
Ming doesn't trust the rest of the gang
Strawberry State?
Joy Behar couldn't be bothered to review Red State
Turns out, Ming doesn't even trust his wife
Red State review next week?

Bryan Johnson donates his hair (you can too)
Bry back to the hospital (Bry gets fingered, again)
You wouldn't like Bry when he's angry, and needs to pee
Bry's roommate is Buffalo Bill
The red pen: "just move it a little"
Brian Quinn had a bad weekend

Super Bowl holiday is a sign of the end of America (according to Walt)
Walt also mad about Chrysler PR
Brian Q. prefers the Puppy Bowl
The new Volts Wagon Beetle
Super Bowl Commercials
Outrage over Kenneth Cole tweet
SModcast Podcast Network ad (brought to you by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier, kinda)

First warning, if you're bothered by cursing, these guys do it frequently.
The Tell 'em Steve Dave podcast has become one of my favorites. They manage to be so entertaining without really having a theme of subjects to fall back on each week. This week they go into Red State a bit, the newest movie from Director Kevin Smith, or to be more exact, they go into how they didn't see it the past week. They planned on reviewing it for the episode, but like I said they manage to pull a conversation out their butts. I'm not sure what Ming's position is at The Secret Stash, but Kevin Smith put him in charge of review copies of Red State, and the loyal worker he is, he just couldn't let the DVD out of his site for his best friends to watch it. They will likely see it by next episode for a review.

Turns out Bryan had to take a trip to the hospital for a fairly freakish condition, and we discover the meaning of the titular red pen, and why it should be move a little. Again, adult content. They move swiftly into Super Bowl talk, though they avoid much talk about the game itself (they're hockey fans) and instead focus on commercials, and puppies....and rapists.

Another excellent episode. Maybe not the most perfect starting point for a new listener as they allude back to the events discussed in the last podcast, but still so good.

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