Friday, February 25, 2011

3DS Launches in Japan Tomorrow, Over a Month Left Before the U.S. Launch.

The 3DS still seems far away. When I think about it, it's always in the context of a gizmo that's too far off to start getting excited about yet. But it's dropping tomorrow! Well, in another country. Get ready for a flood of media, from unboxing videos, gameplay videos, menu videos, to impressions from "average joes", and reviews from everybody (and their uncle).

Nintendo hasn't left such a wide gap between the release of their completely new platform (sorry DSi) since the GameCube, and this will be the first time since Satoru Iwata began as president of Nintendo Co., Ltd in 2002 that a new Nintendo platform hasn't launched in America first.

So this strange feeling makes sense. I wasn't actively on the internet, reading up on games until after the GameCube launched, so the DS and Wii were the first occasions that I would have considered release dates for other countries. But they both came out in my neck of the woods first, so there wasn't that flood of foreign coverage to obsess over or actively avoid, depending on your preference. I'd love to experience the subtler parts of the 3DS with fresh eyes, but I know if I want to participate in 3DS discussion in the next month, it will be completely unavoidable. So I'll roll with it, and if an interesting discussion comes up based on some new info or video out of Japan then I'll read up on it so I can speak up about it. Maybe then I'll start to build up that hype!

Maybe it's just me. Are you guys just as excited about the launch for another country as you would be for your own area? Let me hear about it in the comments.

EDIT: Spoke too late. There was quite a flood yesterday.


  1. "Are you guys just as excited about the launch for another country as you would be for your own area?"
    Strangely, I'm glad it released in Japan first.
    This gives us a full month to start hearing/reading lots of feedback on the system and the games they have...probably through translation a lot, but also through the other outlets that are having them imported.

    Since I'm not "sold" on any one game yet, I'm hoping the reviews/previews in the next few weeks will help settle that issue for me.

  2. Oh, I wouldn't say a release date gives someone the advantage of getting impressions before they buy something. They could wait until after the impressions to buy something, regardless of when or where it released.