Sunday, March 20, 2011

Podcast Roundup Sunday

Some new formatting. I'll do these twice a week, for the time being. Sunday and Wednesday is the plan, and that will hopefully cut down on having as many or more posts about podcasts as there are about other things. Right now, I'm only posting up podcasts that I have listened to and recommend, but there are loads of podcasts out there with interesting people behind them.
Wednesday Podcasts:
Podcast Unlocked: The future of Xbox and Jack's drinking

Thursday Podcasts:
Nerdist Podcast #70: South by SouthWest
Nintendo Voice Chat: 3DS, Okamiden, and Pokemon
Podcast Beyond: Uncharted 3, PAX East, Homefront, and Japan

Friday Podcasts:
IGN UK Podcast #77: BAFTA and 3DS
Game Scoop! Podcast: Mortal Kombat, Dragon Age 2, and Total War: Shogun 2
Tech Fetish Podcast #85: AT&T data caps, Jailbreaking, Xoom, HTC Thunderbolt, iPad 2
Doug Loves Movies: Kevin Pollak, Dave Foley, and Anthony Jeselnik
Tell 'em Steve Dave #54: Fibber McChen Part III - The Awakening

Saturday Podcasts:
GoNintendo Podcast #292: 3DS, the week's news, and 3DS

Click on the name of any podcast to listen immediately, or right-click and select "Save as" to download.

Color Code, Podcast Subject:
General Conversational/Comedy
Gaming - Nintendo
Gaming - Sony
Gaming - Microsoft
Gaming - General
Tech Discussion General

Just curious, would anyone prefer the links to the sites connected to the podcasts where you could download them there, or does anyone prefer this format where you can download them right here? It's the same bit of work either way, so whatever the audience wants.

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