Friday, March 4, 2011

Site Thoughts - Knuckling Down

Oh man, I feel like I've been neglecting the internet for the past week and a half or so. I've been playing games more than usual, and I feel like I'm getting my money's worth out of Neflix again instead of ignoring it for days on end when there is so much great content to watch. Both of those are great in their own rights, but I've completely fallen out of my usual internet browsing habits and I feel pretty lousy for it. Part of that is directly affecting the site; if I don't pick up on interesting topics or news, or if I don't even touch a computer some days, it means things don't get posted or discussed. I kinda loath the thought of posting up bits of news even 2 days late, but I'll try to be more lenient with that; if it's interesting, then it's worth the chance of discussing it.

I'd like to add some much needed accountability by being open about planned content on a week by week basis.
Of course news comes as it pleases, so it can only be expected that frequently, but I haven't made a post about the iPad 2, Netflix on 3DS, GDC overview, or the PSP Go price drop (I'd really love to make another post about the PSP in general, actually). I've watched a new movie, an "older" documentary I'd love to touch on, eaten two "new on the menu" items (but only expect a write up for one, I wasn't really thinking about the site when I grabbed one of the new items), I discovered a treasure trove of stuff to update "other people's free stuff" with, and I have some games I finished recently that I could write about, if I could decide how I'd like to format those. I'm interested in writing up a piece about the Bit.Trip series since we saw the release of the last planned game in the series (FLUX) this week, and I'd like to continue to post about music, stuff like highlighting what other countries are digging, do some various album recommendations/reviews, and of course highlighting video game music. I feel bad for not having a post dedicated to expounding on a current topic of discussion, but it also feels like nothing really big has happened for a while. I jotted down a note for an original piece that should have fallen right into this criteria, but when I looked at it later to think the idea through.........well, I honestly have no idea where that train of thought was headed when I wrote the note. Without naming it (maybe I'll figure it out someday), it just seemed like a point of discussion that isn't actually an issue in the first place.

If you're wondering about that Tell 'em Steve Dave podcast review (actually, I'd like to just call them synopses from now, and I'll still give a review style recommendation or non-recommendation), at least I can name that one as not my fault. They did the recording on the usual day, but it turns out that a cable was unplugged, so a portion of the show sounds really terrible (in their opinion), a portion sounds as good as usual, and another portion is not great, but not horrible. On the most recent SModcast (158), Kevin Smith announced that they planned to kickstart an online, 24/7 streaming radio type channel for SModcast Network content. Maybe the Tell 'em Steve Dave recording was really as terrible as they made it seem, or maybe they didn't think it would be good enough when/if the SModcast Radio thing takes off (you would help it get started). We'll likely never get to hear it to decide for ourselves, though maybe we'll learn some more with the next Tell 'em Steve Dave that should go up this Friday (March 4th).

It took a bit more time to word this piece how I wanted, so it's ended up being a late time of night. I had planned on at least posting up some smaller bits of news maybe a Short Post on new games announced, but I need to get some sleep. At least the word is out there with this post, so hopefully it will be the kick in the pants I deserve.

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