Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two Games Finally Confirmed for the U.S. - The Kore Gang, Cubic Ninja

The Kore Gang has been a much longer time coming than Cubic Ninja, and has already released in Europe so if you don't remember it, I don't blame you. I don't know if I ever saw any impressions for the game, but it looked like a really solid adventure game with an incredible and unique style.

We got a few more details with the Cubic Ninja announcement, since it wasn't a silent listing, some new some old;
100 levels
Move your character by tilting the 3DS or with the circle pad
No stereoscopic 3D
4 unlockable abilities: shrink, shield, shuriken, and the ability to push switches from afar
Time Trial mode
Trade ghost data with friends
Survival mode
Level creation
Created levels can be converted into QR codes, other 3DSes can read the codes using their built-in cameras and load the levels

I'm personally very interested in both of these games, happy to see The Kore Gang debuting at a budget price of $30, though a bit disappointed that they didn't throw in stereoscopic 3D when they added circle pad controls to Cubic Ninja.

Kore Gang source
Cubic Ninja source

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