Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You Know, I -am- Gonna Buy Bomberman Hero on Virtual Console

When we first heard about Bomberman Hero being rated through the ESRB for the Virtual Console, I was both happy and sad; happy to see another N64 title hit the service, sad that I had bought the N64 original not that long ago.

I've played enough to have nearly beaten it, enough to know that I don't like it as much as Bomberman 64, and would prefer that Bomberman 64: Second Attack be released since I haven't played it yet. Just this Monday (March 7th), the game was released for 1000 points, like all N64 titles on the VC. If you notice the receipt, the physical copy of the game actually cost more than that after tax (and Nintendo Points are tax free in my area). So what's my motivation for buying it again? Well, it's the best way to show Hudson (or maybe it's Konami at this point) that I want more N64 Bomberman. Plus it would be a great way to see those visual differences that are supposed to come with N64 games on the VC, and my N64 controller has a loose analog stick. Its re-release on VC is actually a great opportunity to talk about it 

I imagine this post comes off as a bit indulgent, but I think it's appropriate cause Bomberman is a cool guy. His owners get absorbed by Konami and don't afraid of anything.


  1. I haven't played a Bomberman game for more than five minutes...if that.

    I think it was on the N64 that I first heard of Bomberman, and when I saw a friend playing, I was like, "This seems really odd..."

  2. Any chance you could pin-point which one you saw your friend playing? There were three for the N64; Bomberman 64 has a fully rotatable camera, no jumping, Bomberman 64 Second Attack has a fixed camera, no jumping, and Hero has a fixed camera, and lots of jumping. Bomberman certainly has an odd design, but I don't think the gameplay of 64 or Hero would seem that odd, unless you just had a certain perception at the time of what a 3D was supposed to play like.

    I always thought one really neat aspect of Bomberman 64 was that you just couldn't jump no matter what, so you had to get creative if you wanted to get around to some parts of the stages. It had full 3D tables for multi-player, and bombs exploded radially, not in a cross like pretty much every other Bomberman game. It was my first experience with Bombmeman, and I really love that one.

    I might make another post just for it, but Hero is pretty fun too. It's not another Bomberman 64 like I would want, and it sounds like they changed things in Second Attack so it's not another Bomberman 64 either, but I'd still love to give it a try.

  3. I think it was an overhead camera, and it had tiles you would move on...that's all I really remember.

    I think that we thought it was odd, because of the boxart, compared to the game-play.

    I would have to find some videos of game-play for all of them, and perhaps it would strike a brain wave from back then and I could identify the game. I just did a quick YouTube search, but none seemed familiar at first glance.

  4. Do you mean you would move the character square by square, rather than being able to moving freely in a space, or just that the floor had a very grid line texture on it?

    I wasn't really thinking about it, but Bomberman Hero's boss fights have a rotating camera, and one of the reoccurring bosses fights you on a floor with a square grid:

  5. The video didn't remind me of the game...

    Did any of them have multi-player of some sort? Perhaps that's what I was watching?

  6. Bomberman Hero doesn't have any multiplayer, but 64 has the unique multiplayer that I mentioned:
    But also has flat tables like this one (starts at 0:40):

    It seems like Bomberman 64 The Second Attack has multiplayer as well, though I couldn't say if this is a good example of it's breadth:

  7. Bomberman 64 it was I do believe.
    The multi-player maps and camera angles are pretty much spot on with what I remember.

  8. Mm. I love discovering the names of those old games I have foggy memories of from those first few years of being aware of games.