Friday, March 4, 2011

Well This Is Odd - PSP Go Gets a Price-Drop, But It's Taken Off of Sony's Website

Hmm.....Just yesterday some sites reported a quiet price-drop of the PSP Go, and I followed some links to get back to Sony's own website where it did indeed have a special update proclaiming the new low price of the PSP Go. And as I said in the post just below, I wanted to write up a piece just about the PSP, and this price drop would have been the basis of a point for a significant portion of the piece.

Potentially the update just went up earlier than they meant it to, maybe someone hacked the site to push out the update or completely falsified it, but either way, if the word is out about a price-drop that's bound to come then it likely isn't much farther off because of this. I'm not sure I remember hearing of anybody that wasn't willing to wait on an announced price-drop, so I'm sure they realize that this will be detrimental to sales until the price-drop actually happens.

I'm so curious about this that I'm going to run up to my local Best Buy to see if stores are following through with the price-drop. Be back with an update soon.

UPDATE - Well, Best Buy for one isn't displaying a price of $149.99 as of today. But I couldn't help but giggle with delight when I noticed that the shelf space for the newly priced PSP 3000 was completely empty devoid of the PSPs at that Best Buy. I wonder how well this particular price drop will do, since Sony has matched the price of the DS lite with a product that is a better technological value.

Source (since you might not believe me)

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