Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The 3DS Came Today!!!

I'll tear my eyes away from the 3DS to give some owner's impressions. Hopefully soon. I'll see which family members I can get impressions from, and write those up as well. If you didn't see the post when I first got them, I have PilotWings Resort and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Shadow Wars, so I'll include impressions for those as I play them.


  1. right now I'm in love with Ghost Recon, my fav 3DS game at the moment. I also bought Pilot Wings Resort and SSFIV3DS. Overall, I'm really loving the system right now and I picked up two people on Streetpass at my college. Really gratifying

  2. As you may have seen by now, I didn't end up getting the 3DS...but I do plan on it in the future.

    I'm interested to see what you think of it overall.

    @Falco8 and WesFX:
    Does Ghost Recon Shadow Wars have any online multi-player, or is it just a single-player game?

    "I picked up two people on Streetpass at my college."
    That's really awesome. I'm wondering how/if the Streetpass function will spur more "social" or perhaps gaming in public, with the 3DS here in the States.

  3. @Falco
    Glad to hear it. I'm loving Shadow Wars as well, but I haven't run across anybody with StreetPass.
    It's been constantly rainy here since the 3DS arrived....

    Shadow Wars does not have online multiplayer, but it does have local multiplayer. It's not system to system, but you instead take turns by passing the system. IIRC it's just 1 on 1.

    Yeah, I saw that you didn't end up purchasing the 3DS. I haven't read the piece just yet, but I think I could guess at a few of the big reasons.

  4. @Falco
    Oh, and, care to exchange Friend Codes?

  5. sure my friend code is 2406 - 5123 - 4289 yours?

  6. Oh yeah the Mii that u see right now isn't the really me. It was the first Mii that I had created on the Wii