Thursday, March 31, 2011

Podcast Roundup Wednesday - 3/31/2011 (Thursday Edition)

A day late, I know, I know. I blame Nintendo of course.
Sunday Podcasts:
- Hour of Slack #1302: Early Fire Sign Theatre, X-Day ranting, Puzzling Evidence and Radio Synesthesia
- BONUS Hour of Slack #1301.3: Deemed offensively offensive; Portland '09 feat. Dr. Philo Drummond rant
- SModcast #162: Tell 'em Steve Dave guest and reflect on their year of podcasting

Monday Podcasts:
- Nerdist #73: Tim Ferriss (but Nerdist guests), traveling, snooty college clubs, knives, and the book, “The Four Hour Body”

Tuesday Podcasts:
- Nintendo Voice Chat: Finally the 3DS is here, new podcast member, what's missing from the Wii?
- Blow Hard #33: I....there are no words to describe the subject of this one. Nothing appropriate, anyways.
- Plus One #15: Jen falls in love (is this the third time?), twitter, and rocket science. Literally rocket science.
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Color Code/Podcast Subject:
Gaming - Nintendo
General Conversational/Comedy

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