Friday, March 4, 2011

GDC - New Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Trailer, Detailed Breakdown by IGN

It seems like there's a big focus on showing off the various ways you'll be using the Motion Plus. The trailer shows a new character to the series, perhaps a friend, perhaps a foe for this legend. There is some kind of boss shown off, either a full fledged one or a mid-dungeon "mini" boss. I'm really not happy to see the huge HUD elements still around; frankly they are stupidly distracting. For me they ruin any visual beauty that might be present during non-cutscene gameplay; and if you're not playing on a wide-screen set? I just hope you can adjust the opacity for once.

Also, since I'm so behind with posting this, IGN has a Rewind Theater out for the trailer. In their Rewind Theaters they take the time to pause and talk about various pieces of the trailer with as much insight as they can, and often rewind to replay certain portions.

I enjoyed learning the tid-bit about a possible connection to Minish Cap, since I haven't played that one (maybe if it comes to the 3DS's Virtual Console, Nintendo...?).

What do you guys think about Skyward Sword so far? Do you think motion controls will be an interesting addition to the gameplay of the series, or maybe you feel it will get in the way? Let me hear it in the comments.

Direct link to the YouTube video


  1. Well Nintendo did say that one can remove the HUD at anytime. I think the reason that they still have the HUD up is to show the actions of each button in the game. The controller HUD wouldn't make sense if the Wii's controller was a traditional controller but it's a remote controller so they put it up there for reference.

  2. Hm, any chance you remember where you heard this?
    I just today listened to the most recent Nintendo Voice Chat podcast from IGN, and while the IGN staff sometimes miss big details, they were complaining about the HUD and begging for an option to be able to turn it off.