Friday, March 25, 2011

Rage (if True) - Bomberman 3DS, Kororinpa 3DS, and Omega Five 3DS Cancelled

As listed in the latest issue of Famitsu, a popular video game magazine in Japan, Bomberman 3DS, Kororinpa 3DS, and Omega Five 3DS (a port of an existing XBLA title) are cancelled. If you aren't aware, Konami has fully acquired Hudson now, which is likely the reason that these and other unreleased titles from Hudson are now cancelled. One of the only reasons I have any doubt about the listings is because a PS3 version of Bomberman Live is cancelled. Standard Bomberman is still a money maker, so I have no idea why Konami would throw money away like that. Otherwise, I believe it's all horribly true. When asked about it, a Konami representative said they had "no comment".

Kororinpa stands out as the biggest loss for me personally. It's easily one of my favorite new IPs of this generation. A lot of that has to do with the control, which lets you rotate the world 1:1 with the Wii remote (across two axis, and before MotionPlus). That control scheme would not work well on the 3DS, so there is the potential that the game would lose what makes it so compelling, but I'd rather see the alternative than not see anything at all. If nothing else, this makes Super Monkey Ball 3DS an easier purchase if there isn't a better (IMO) alternative down the road.

The Bomberman for 3DS looked to be a new adventure game, a style of Bomberman game that I really enjoy. They didn't show off enough of the game for me to be hugely disappointed at it's loss, but I'm definitely disappointed at the idea of the loss of something similar to the other games I enjoyed so much. Omega Five is a preexisting game, so my disappointment is simply that it's not on the 3DS.

Again, Konami hasn't confirmed or denied this, so I for one will keep close tabs on it and update again with new information.




    Nothing set in stone yet, says Konami. Now settle your rage! Please.....

  2. This does nothing to quell my rage. As I said at the end of the story, they haven't confirmed or denied anything.