Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Podcast Synopsis - Tell 'em Steve Dave Ep. 52 - Fibber McChen (you could get your music played on the show)

I've come to a decision, the "Review" part of posting up most of these podcasts is redundant. I post them because I like them. For something like the launch of the 3DS, I might search out more podcasts that I haven't heard before, and those will include a recommendation or non-recommendation, but otherwise the recommendation is implied.

Oh, and I thought I might put this right upfront; they've added a new portion to the show where they will play music created by the listeners to help get them out there. It seems like the response was really strong and they have a lot of submissions already, but they want more so don't not submit your own stuff!!

Hear the podcast here
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This week's topics:
RedState tour spot by Kevin Smith (you can win some free tickets by texting a number)
SModcast Internet Radio spot by Kevin Smith (you'll be entered in a drawing for a bundle of free stuff by downloading Stitcher)
AdamEve spot by Bryan and Susan Johnson (another chance to get that special episode of Tell 'em Steve Dave)

Podcast starts at 6:46
Is it episode 52 or 53?
Charlie Sheen; is he doing it -right-? And discussion about teeth...
A call to arms: Swamp Sunday Jeff for a laugh
Benefit podcast - Special episode of Puck Nuts to benefit Class Kids Foundation and Animals
Bryan opens a YouTube channel and blog for Tell 'em Steve Dave
Walt wants to restart Tell 'em Steve Dave
TESD logos, T-shirts, sneakers
Pam attends a fan party for Josh Groban's birthday....
Pam explains why she loves Josh so much
Pam's other interests
If Josh were gay....
Pam calls Bry a "tough cream-puff"
So Quinn saw that Spiderman play.....does he like it?
Lovin' that jacket
Quinn on Twitter; srs bsns

The tragedy of the anniversary episode
Hypnotist guest appearance
Walt is suspicious of everything during lunch with the hypnotist. Everything.
Surprise visit from Sunday Jeff
Walt feels Bry should have been the easiest one of the group to be hypnotized
Ming has a secret motivation for wanting to be hypnotized
Is Ming the greatest actor in the world? (yes)
Ming is also the one who thinks fake winning scratch-off tickets are hilarious
TESD will promote your band
This week's band: East of the Wall

They spend a good portion of this week's show with Bryan's mother, Pam, talking about her love for Josh Groban. Entertaining, but I find it very strange. She traveled several hours to go to a party with a standee of Josh Groban with a small group of other Josh Groban fans. Quinn went to see Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark. As you may or may not know, Walt loved it, but most critics hate it, and now we get to hear what another Steve Dave regular thinks. I'm looking forward to hearing if Bryan sees it, who he brings, and what they think of it. They go into detail about why the show wasn't up last week. Thanks to some skills from a real sound guy (sorry Quinn) it seems like they'll be able to post it up. Good thing too since it was the one year anniversary episode. They brought on a hypnotist so see if they could get hypnotized. I'm not sure why they thought the sound of someone being hypnotized would be entertaining, but it sounds like it definitely was.

Once again, you could have your band played on this popular podcast.

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