Monday, January 17, 2011

How Would You React to a Tax Hike on Video Games?

Nothing official yet, mind you, but there was a news article with a section that concerns video games and consumers of video games.
“At the centre of these discussions is the review that I’ve asked Cliona Kirby to undertake, which will look independently at how the games industry is effected by existing tax rules and if any changes could be made to improve access.” “We also talked about some of the excellent responses from the industry to the Government’s Growth Review; making sure that games is at the core of our thinking about how the creative industries can play a key role in our economic recovery.” - Culture Minister, Ed Vaizey
As one of biggest entertainment industries around, it makes sense that they would pay attention to the video games industry for taxing purposes. This isn't likely to turn out to be a good thing (i.e. - lower taxes for video games), and I've worried for a long time that currently tax free digital content (for some states) will be taxed eventually. But again, nothing is confirmed, or even rumored.

Back when there were discussions about applying laws to sales of M rated games to minors, I honestly didn't think the story deserved as much attention as it got. It seemed that the law was simply reinforcing a policy that many stores already enforce, and there was no danger to any games being censored or outlawed, as far as I heard. But this story seems like it might deserve attention and creative protesting where we send......receipts to our Culture Minister.

Let me know what you think or if you didn't get that reference at the end in the comments.


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