Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Nintendo DLC - January 17th, 2011

For WiiWare we've got Doc Clock and the Toasted Sandwich of Time, Urbanix and a demo version of Bit.Trip BEAT.
For Virtual Console we've got nothing. =(
For DSiWare we've got Animal Boxing, Glory Days: Tactical Offense, The Seller, and Alien Puzzle Adventure.

Overall not a great week. Doc Clock looks pretty shallow from the vidoes I've seen, so for 1000 points, I doubt it's comparable to other 1000 point games you see on WiiWare. Just as well, it's from Stickmen Studios, makers of winners stinkers like Dragon Master Spell Caster and Kung Fu Funk: Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting. Those and sPOGS Racing are the three lowest rating titles of the service as far as I know.... Urbanix seems to be based directly off of a game called Qix. It's fully 3D and has a many "levels" but it seems to have a flaw over Qix in that you can't see the whole screen at once. Only 500 points though. The demo this week is Bit.Trip BEAT, which is actually an exact re-release of the original demo when Nintendo was first testing it out (I know because the icon is tented blue, which means I've downloaded it before). One of my favorites for WiiWare, and I would recommend skipping the demo and buying the game straight away. But if you must, definitely give the demo a try.

I'm guessing since there wasn't anything for Virtual Console this week, we'll definitely get something next week, as the pattern seems to be going.

Animal Boxing 'ought to be called Animal Boxing Mini or Animal Boxing: R to let people know it's based off an interesting full release title from a while back. Not sure how much content made it to the title, but for 800 points I expect that most of the content made it. Glory Days sounds to be another tower defense style game for DSiWare. Only 200 points so at least it's cheap. I really couldn't tell you anything about The Seller, which means there probably wasn't much or any media out for the game before it's release, which is almost always a bad sign. 500 points. Alien Puzzle Adventure seems like it could be an interesting block dropping/matching game, and for 500 points it might not be too big of a letdown if it stinks.

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