Monday, January 17, 2011

Show Review - Heroes, season 2

Another article idea I'd like to persue, as well as movies I watch. I might not wait to rate whole seasons in the future, or at least not for newer shows and movies, but thanks to Netflix I can check out older series without spending much.

Original air date: September 27th, 2007 - December 3rd, 2007
Watching method: Netflix

So thanks to Netflix I've checked out this series. Well, let me start from the beginning, when my brother was raving about the first season; he loved it. He and his room-mate at the time bought the boxed set of the first season and lent them to me. I was mildy interested and I had heard from other places that it was a good show, so I watched a few episodes. Dammin it's good. But I wasn't really into sitting and watching shows or movies for 45 minutes at a time back then, so I shelved it despite my intrigue. Into the picture a few years later comes Netflix for the Wii. Who can pass up a free, month-long trial? Not I, so I checked it out. I was just watching things that looked interesting, and one day Heroes popped up somewhere on the "front page", and I took the opportunity to start watching again. I finished the first season kind of hesitantly; don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved it, but my brother.....well he had said how much the other seasons frustrated him, so I figured the first season was worth savoring.

Which brings us up to Heroes, season 2.

I've never been unconditionally attracted to the universe of comic book heroes. I watched shows like Justice League, Static Shock, and Teen Titans back in the day, but I think all those brought something more than the super hero to the table, like comedy and a moving story. So what's my motivation to keep watching I show I hear might not be worth the time anymore. Well I was just plain curious. 11 episodes wouldn't be a massive waste of my time. So I started watching, and by the end of the first episode, I felt like I might have seen why my brother felt the way he did; the show just went completely in left field and it really felt like they were reaching for plots. Another episode in. The drama wasn't really improving, and I felt myself not really caring for the predicaments that the characters were in. But the next episode?, things got better. They starting tying these seemingly bad plots into a much, much more interesting narrative. And the quality stayed up. Mind you, it never quite reached the wonder and charm that came from the first season, and I think the finally left way more questions in the air than it answered (which I don't prefer) but I definitely think it's worth the watching. Moving onto season 3 shortly.

Recommendation: Worth watching, but watch season 1 first (you dummy).

What do you think of this as a regular feature? Should I stay away from years old shows and movies?

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