Saturday, January 22, 2011

Podcast Review - Nintendo Voice Chat; 3DS Special.

You know, I almost posted up a podcast for a non-gaming podcast, but I just noticed that a new one went up, and since the purpose is more to promote the podcast than to hand out my opinion, I'll review the new one when I get a chance to listen to it.

Hear the podcast here.
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Everything 3DS.
The crew that didn't go to the January 19th event(s) ask those that did. "What is the reason to get the 3DS?"
"Does it look better now [than E3]?"
They talk about StreetPass and SpotPass
They compare what we know about the Coins system to the other "achievements" systems.
Angry emails from ex-IGN employees over the delay of the eShop.
Kid Icarus hand cramps - the thumbstrap is back! (if you kept it)
Let's talk about Steel Diver
Also Dinosaurs

The main topic of this week's Nintendo Voice Chat, IGN's "weekly" podcast about all things Nintendo, is very apparently the 3DS. The episode is only half an hour, but they admit that they could keep talking about the games more but they'd like you to read the write ups on the site. I thought they had an......interesting crew for the episode. Many regulars actually, but I mean their reactions to the 3DS surprised me. Sam Claiborne and Jack DeVries were talking the same way that they did when they were first on the podcast. It seems like they had two people that were excited about the 3DS, maybe overly so, so it just felt a bit like a company X fanboy vs. company X hater argument. I'm looking for as much 3DS talk as I can get, so I enjoyed it regardless. Also of note is that Peer Schneider isn't present, but you wouldn't know it thanks to Fran Mirabella.

If you've already heard all the news, then there isn't anything new here, but you might be interested in the sections where they bring in achievements to the discussion and just generally compare what they know about Coins with Trophies and things like that.

A look at what people that aren't excited about the 3DS are saying. I liked it, overall.


  1. Does anybody spike the mic, or have they stopped that?

  2. Ha ha, a fine question. I think they said "Spiking the mic" more than they actually did spike the mic, but they haven't said spiking the mic for many episodes.