Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In-Depth Look at Move Controls in Killzone 3

See, not just Nintendo stuff. : P
This nearly half hour video shows all the subtleties of the Move controls that are in Killzone 3. For Wii owners that have played some FPSs after (and including) Medal of Honor: Heroes 2, honestly not that much is new. But what is new is interesting, and they are things that the Wii is fully capable of doing. For instance, at 11:24 he begins talking about the dynamic dead-zones in the game. Basically, as you lead the cursor back towards the center of the screen it creates a new boundary for the dead-zone and the camera stops turning. This is a really great design, because it lets you target an enemy as soon as you react to them, as soon as they come into view, rather than trying to center them in the dead-zone because it extends the dead-zone. But how do you reset this new, big dead-zone? Simple; just lead the cursor back to the edge of the dead-zone and it resumes turning the camera, or you can push the cursor onto the opposite half of the screen and it resets it back to your custom setting. While I really like the idea of this dynamic dead-zone, I also haven't tried it. I can see the potential of making the dead-zone so large that it's problematic and time-consuming to resume turning, so it would be best if there was an option to turn it on or off, instead.

Another interesting control addition is how the cursor snaps to body parts when lock-on is enabled and activated. Only available in the easiest difficulties, this uses the gyroscopic sensors to let you "point" the controller at an area that makes the gun target snap to a different body part. I haven't played a post-Modern Warfare FPS, so I don't have too much experience with how those games use the snap function when you zoom, but this seems like it's a level above that.

I think the whole video is worth a watch for Move owners, Wii owners, and developers making FPS for Move and Wii! Tell me what you guys think of all the little innovations that the Killzone 3 team applied to the controls.

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  1. Killzone 3 is the one game I'm actually interested in to see how it performs with Sony's Move, overall...I know we'll get more of the video type previews, but I want to know how it is compared to the Wii FPS controls, and I won't know I guess unless I try it.

    I will say I'm still not sure how the reloading function works...I watched it, and it appears he "flicks" or turns the Sony Move controller like a key, left or right.

    If that's the way, I guess this means their "nunchuk" can't be used for "flicking" like the Wii's nunchuk, which is how I prefer to reload in Wii FPS games.

    Anyway, good find!

  2. Yeah, the twist is definitely the reload function.

    I did some research and it turns out there aren't any accelerometers or gyros in the Move Navigation Controller (Move's Nunchuk). This surprises the hell out of me. I distinctly remember hearing that the Navigation Controller was a compact SIXAXIS in all regards besides the whole right side. That meant the functions that gives SIXAXIS its name.

    Honestly, a bluetooth button array for $50? Total rip-off.

  3. Are you saying the Navigation Controller is $50? It's actually $30, but a few retailers are sold out(Amazon.com), so third parties are marking them way up right now...probably because of Killzone 3 about to release.

    But yea, the lack of the accelerometers and gyros in it is really odd...and means my preferred, "shaking the nunchuk" to reload can't happen...

  4. Heh heh, you're right. I just looked up "navigation controller" on Amazon, and saw that it was $50 new, and the lowest priced used one was $36 so I didn't give it a second thought.

    I guess Sony might not have done a good enough job of telling people they can use a SIXAXIS or DualShock 3 in place of the Navigation Controller if demand is really that high.