Monday, January 17, 2011

Podcast Review - Game Scoop! ep. 190

I love listening to podcasts. Like radio shows, but about things I care about and they're airing when I want them to. I listen to a quite a few podcasts, and often times while just running for exercise, so I thought I might do a "review" of them as well as promote them.

Find the podcast here.

DC Universe Online, a good or bad MMO?
Final Fantasy 13, 2? and the-state-of-the-RPG talk
PSP2's rumored announcement
Are we excited about the 3DS?
Dragon Quest 2 giveaway winners
Marvel Pinball (PSN) giveaway this week (also a The Accused reference, talk about friends lists caps, and talk about the Chinese Zodiacs <__<, some how)

Question topics:
Knockin' Boots - Link cosplay?
(a dumb) Would you rather?
Games for a recent Xbox 360 and PSP Go owner?
A reader researches IGN reviews
What happens to Spiderman's webs?
Getting a Wii, when might the Wii 2 be announced?
I wanna meet the IGN staff, but I'm can't drink!
Is Greg Miller less silly?
Hard games
Thanks for the reviews, IGN!
Stuck in traffic, listening to Game Scoop

The main topic of this week's Game Scoop! podcast is the recent DC Universe Online for PC and PS3. I'm not that interested in MMOs myself, but I enjoyed the discussion since there was such a range of opinions, and they got into some general discussion about MMOs on consoles. I'm looking for as much PSP2 and 3DS discussion and there is some good stuff here, even if it's only on for about 6 minutes. I'm looking to make an article about that myself, but this close to Nintendo's 3DS event, I'll hold off for a few days.

For the question's section, the Spiderman topic turned out very humorously. They reveal that the place they meet at to meet fans is a restaurant, and not a bar. I'm not sure but if they have been calling it a "bar" all along, then they're in the wrong, not the 18 year old guy that lives 30 minutes away that never came by. There was a question about Greg's attitude, and I agree; he really seems like he's matured. The discussion about hard games turned into a really interesting discussion about the shift in focus of games of today from stuff that you might have seen on the NES. There is a comment from someone named Julian that is perhaps the densest bit of naivety I've ever heard. You'll have to listen to it (1 hour, 1 minute in) because I could write a whole article about it; short version, 1). IGN does not play everything, despite that being one of the main jobs of the editors, 2). one shouldn't let a review tell them what to buy, and 3). one doesn't have a void opinion for not playing every game ever.

Overall a good episode worth the listen.

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