Sunday, January 23, 2011

PSP 2 to Have 3G and OLED Touchscreen, if You Believe this Japanese Newspaper

Nikkei, a Japanese newspaper has claimed that the new PlayStation Portable (PSP) is to have 3G support, for use in playing games and downloading movies and software (such as games), but not for phone calls. The paper says it will have wireless connectivity for LAN, but there is no mention if the 3G needs a subscription fee to use or if there will be a version without the 3G. The newspaper also claims that the system will have an OLED touch-screen, but doesn't specify if it's capacitive (like an iPhone/Pad/Pod) or resistive (like the DS, DSi, and 3DS).

If everything so far is to be believed, including the touch-panels on the back of the unit, and PS3 (at launch) quality graphics, then this could be one monster of a device. Especially in price, though Sony is very receptive to selling hardware for less than it costs to make (selling at a loss) so it could be priced competitively with the 3DS. There's no doubt in my mind that the PSP 2 will have a higher resolution screen and be capable of more detailed geometry and effects than the 3DS (powering stereoscopic 3D), but to me the rest is completely up in the air. It's fully debatable whether Sony would be willing to pay for the 3G service themselves (no subscription fee) or if that would make it out of Japan in subscription free form. The price is perhaps more volatile, mostly because we're missing a lot of details.

I'm sure there are lots of people that are interested and/or excited about the possibilities of the PSP 2, so lets hear those theories. And make sure to pay attention to the PlayStation Meeting 2011 on the 27th of this month!

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