Friday, January 28, 2011

NGP Getting 3G-less Version in Europe

Andrew House, the head of SCEE said they are working with wireless carriers in Europe at the moment, and also stated that there would be a version of the NGP with 3G, and one without in Europe. It has still not been mentioned whether there will be a subscription fee associated with 3G use on the NGP.

From hearing some more talk about the subject of 3G subscription fees, it seems pretty unanimous that Sony can't afford free 3G for the kind of data transfers that would be taking place. But I'm kinda shocked that they wouldn't just include the 3G in all models to make a subscription later fairly painless; it just seems like the kind of technology push that Sony would make, even if it meant it was a bit more expensive for users that swear not to use it. But maybe Europe (and Australia) is a different beast, and both Japan and the U.S. will get 3G only versions.


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