Monday, January 24, 2011

Podcast Review - Doug Loves Movies ep. 403

This weekly podcast is hosted by comedian Doug Benson, and is (loosely) about talking about movies. It was "nice" enough to do some running today so I gave this a listen while I was out.

Hear the podcast here.
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This week's guests:
David Anthony Higgins (brother of Steve Higgins who you might know as "Higgins" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
Samm Levine
Graham Elwood

This week's topics:
The other David Higgins....and SAG naming conventions
Movies the guests have been in, such as Inglourious[sic] Basterds[sic], Pulse, Snake Eyes, and Tapeheads
Penis tucking (seriously)
Working with Nicolas Cage
Doug Loves Writing (kinda)
New Zodiac signs
The Leonard Maltin Game

A rare no audience recording of the show, they actually talk about movies for once. Not that I mind when they don't because it's usually a group of comedians being...comedic. But this week they talk about movies, and some non-movie subjects such as penis tucking.... I learned that Jimmy Fallon's "side-kick" Higgins has a brother and I've actually seen his work (Malcom in the Middle). Doug Benson sits on the other side of the Leonard Maltin Game (a quiz game where you guess the movie based on paltry clues) this week which is extremely rare, and just for the hell of it they play way more rounds than they usually would. I'm usually not a huge fan of the Leonard Maltin Game segment of the show simply because I'm lousy at guessing the movies from the clues they get, but when they have so much fun with it you can't help but enjoy it, too.

A rare (mostly) serious episode, but very enjoyable if you want to hear talk about movies.

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