Saturday, January 29, 2011

Top of the Charts - Music in Greece - Rolling in the Deep by Adele

Though I wouldn't have recognized it by name, this is a song I've heard on U.S. radio stations, unlike Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce. I already enjoy it, so I guess I'll go into a bit more technical detail about it. The vocal element is really strong, accompanied by strong, but simple percussion and a simple 5 note instrumental pattern during the versus. The instrumentation kicks up a bit during the chorus, but the chorus seems a bit shorter than "usual." The background singer-like accompaniment during the chorus and final verse gives it an interesting feel, taking it from very modern to feeling a bit like something out of the 60s (as far as stuff that was popular in the U.S.).

I watched the music video and.......I'm not sure I get all the symbolism. The general theme seems to be destruction; dishes being thrown at a wall creating a huge pile of broken pieces, a paper city burned down by the end of the video, some pyrotechnics, and the lyrics speak of a love gone sour. But then there's a dancer robed in black dancing in a room with black walls with a floor covered in powder, a floor full of partially filled glasses, Adele sitting in a room with most of the walls and the (sparce) furniture covered in plastic just singing to no one. I'll have to chalk it up to pure visual fluff.

As I said, I already enjoy the song, and I think it stands up to repeat listens. The music video however, might only be worth watching once.

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