Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Super Mini Podcast Review - Nintendo Voice Chat: Whip It Good (ep. 98)

I honestly didn't intend to review this one, just because of how shortly ago I did the last (special) episode, but *SPOILER ALERT* this one is very worthy of the listen.

Hear the podcast here.
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I didn't take my usual notes while I was listening, so this will be short. They had a game developer on, which really changed up the subject matter and gave an insider (a real insider <__<) voice to the discussion. The developer is one of the members of Frozen Codebase, who just released Jam City Rollergirls this week on WiiWare for 1000 points. They talked about 3DS, WiiWare, and App Store as platforms for releasing downloadable games, Kinect vs. Move from a developer stand-point, and of course all about their interesting roller-derby game as I remember. No listener questions.

It seems rare that you get to hear a game developer speak at length about subjects other than their own games, which is why I would give this a 6/5 recommendation if I could but I'm stuck with a fiver.

Oh and someone from Conduit 2 will be on the next GameScoop! podcast. Though if we're looking at past examples of developer interviews on GameScoop!, the interview was recorded at a completely separate time, with only about two IGN members conducting the interview, and almost no extraneous talking points.

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