Thursday, January 20, 2011

Top of the Charts - Music in Switzerland - Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce

For this feature I take a look at the things that are charting for the week, from movies, to music, to products on Amazon, to celebrities on some arbitrary lists, to the old stand-by; video games.

Category: Music
Country: Switzerland
Song: Barbra Streisand
Artist: Duck Sauce
Rank as of January 19, 2011: Number 1

For a song called Barbra Streisand, I didn't expect to hear what I did. Pretty dance-able and likely a bit humorous on purpose.  It seems the track samples another song called Gotta Go Home by Boney M, which was already based upon a track entitled Hallo Bimmelbhan by Nighttrain, a German band. The video for the song is mildly amusing, and has several appearances by artists like Questlove of The Roots and Kanye West, though they don't seem to be involved in any way with the creation of the track. You can hit up YouTube for the track, which will pring up two main versions; the one that accompanies the video (and accompanying video) and one that I assume is the full track, or album version when it actually is part of an album.

Overall, it's interesting the first time, but not really something I would seek out to listen to again and again in the future. I say: Worth watching the music video once.

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