Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Thoughts on the January 19th Nintendo 3DS Conference.

I thought it was a pretty dammin good conference. For people looking forward to the 3DS anyway. The only shame for me was that the U.S. didn't get different colors (so, Blue and Black). This whole day of news took me from "unsure if I want this immediately" to "*click**click* 'eff yeah! it's preordered!".

I was personally expecting the price to be more than $250, but less that $300 (I would have said $279.99 if I was pressed) so it was wonderful news when they announced the price. It's still expensive, but a whole $30 less than I anticipated at best, coupled with my discovery that Amazon isn't charging tax on the thing? I couldn't pass up the idea of saving about $55 bucks so I jumped at the preorder.

A single universal friend code, spend cash not points on downloadable content, price announced, release date announced, launch window lineup announced, lots of game media, lots of details about the front end menus and interface, me grabbing a preorder, transfer downloaded 3DS games from one 3DS to another, MP3 format support, SDHC (up to 32 GB) support, and a 3DS version of CRUSH? So much more than I expected out of the day and event.

If I had to pick a favorite piece of news from today.....heck, spending $55 less than I was expecting is great news. What excited you most from today? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I think I was more excited to hear about the Rabbids platforming game, than anything else all day.

    I'm still not 100% sold on the 3DS idea yet, but I have mine reserved.

  2. Oh yea, how did you find out about the pre-order?
    Was it through my post about it by any chance?

  3. Indirectly, I believe. I was glued to GoNintendo to read up on everything then straight to working on something for the site. So if you are the particular Scott that cort thanked for the story on GoNintendo, then I assume I have you to thank.

    I don't order things online that often, because if I really want it, it seems like I could save time and money by just buying it day one myself, but the past few months I've been taking note of the crazy deals that Amazon has. Don't think I ever knew they could sell stuff tax free, though.

  4. Oh, and I was wondering which part of the 3DS hasn't convinced you yet. I can personally still take or leave the 3D, or the idea of it, since I haven't seen it, but everything else about it (besides price) is so exciting. I forget if I mentioned it over on your site or not, but a shoulder button has been broken on my DS lite for probably 10 months at this point which not only left me incapable of finishing some of my DS games but has made me completely hold off on purchasing about a dozen DS titles since then. So I have some other very strong motives for wanting the thing.

    And it's never too early to start gaining coins from walking around.

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  6. @WesFX:
    I was the "Scott" that submitted the 3DS Pre-order soon as Amazon had it up, I submitted it over.
    I think Destin posted it, and cort when back and updated it after a few more "tips" came in.

    Also, as for "... which part of the 3DS hasn't convinced you yet."
    You can read some of my thoughts on the 3DS in a piece I posted last night: