Monday, January 17, 2011

Rumor - New Metroid for 3DS?

So apparently this fellow named Jonathan Ross (not someone with a job that I would consider to be an insider source) responded to a tweet and made it seem as though a new Metroid was being announced at the January 19th shows/conferences that Nintendo are holding, but has since "re-clarified" that it was misinterpreted.

But, what's to misinterpret? I don't use Twitter myself (no mobile device that supports it, so why do it from my computer?) so I don't know how easy or hard it is to accidentally respond to the wrong message. But that's not really my concern with this post. My concern is, if true, what could the Metroid game be?

Team Ninja just got done with Dead or Alive: Dimensions for 3DS, so I doubt they would be making it which perhaps throws out an Other M style game, and Retro Studios didn't finish up Donkey Kong County Returns all that long ago, so I'm sure the game would not be far along enough to use as a big announcement for the event (better suited for E3, me thinks). Infact, Metroid: Other M didn't happen all that long ago, so what's the hurry to make a new one so soon? Well maybe it isn't new at all.
Nintendo is not above remakes for the 3DS. It seems like they rather like the idea, in fact. It lets them spend less time and money getting a quality product out to consumers. So what is there to remake in the Metroid space? All the 2D game could potentially get a re-tuning and 3D graphics update, but I think Metroid II is in highest need of it. I got the chance to play this a year or so ago, and it was actually really compelling. Not quite as archaic as the first Metroid, not quite as polished as Super Metroid. It definitely has flaws, flaws which could be reprimanded by a full blown Zero Mission style remake. All the corridors look very similar without color to help, and it's very easy to get lost or not realize there are some secret areas without a map to help. There is barely any music in the game, atmospheric background stuff or otherwise. The controls and hit detection are a bit dodge-y as well. When you get your Space Jump, for instance, the timing is much less forgiving than the later games and one screw up  causes you to fall all the way back to the ground with no chance to re-initiate the Space Jump until you land. During boss fights, sometimes your missles don't land a blow at all. And speaking of bosses, the A.I. could use a tune-up. Honestly though, I really enjoyed my time with the game and couldn't put it down, but more than any other in the series I think Metroid II is ripe for remaking.

And maybe I'm thinking too big, maybe it's just a small showcase of 3DS Virtual Console games that have been "3D-ified" and Metroid II for Game Boy is one of those game.

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